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Director, D.P, Editor.  Tom was created to create. Film runs through his blood.  With 14 years of professional experience working on award-winning projects from local + national Commercials to Documentaries, Corporate Promos, and a TV Show called Drive Thru History – which has been his baby for 9 years. Millions of people have seen his work- and we’re sure they love it 🙂


Cinematographer + Editor

Seth studied and practiced lighting + photography for many years, working at a high-end studio. From childhood, he has had a deep love and appreciation for film. His passion for all things artistic and creative drive his dedication to this field. He truly is a jack of all trades.


We are an award winning production company in Monument, CO

Joule Q has unique and unrivaled talent in creating artful, compelling, and irresistibly entertaining media. We have over 25 years combined experience in the production industry, but our passion goes back much longer than that. 



We brainstorm with you to design a vision.


We then plan every detail for this perfect project


We execute the plan using the best equipment, talent, crew, etc.

We Build

All the created assets get crafted together into your masterpiece.

Deliver the Goods

From Youtube/web to Blue-Ray/DVD to Theater film prints, we get into the eyes and ears of the target audience.


If you have a project you would like to discuss,
give us a holler!

We’ll grab lunch and get to know each other!

1600 Broadway, suite 1600
Denver, CO 80132

phone +1 719 291 9999
fax +1 855 207 5242

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