Honda Pilot – Pop Quiz

A fun spot Tom directed for Windstar Studios along with 3 other Honda spots over a week of shooting. He came up with the floating kids idea the day before the shoot, and the crew worked out all the details the morning of the shoot rigging green screen in the studio. This and the other 3 commercials in this campaign aired all along the east coast and around America.

Nature of God

This is the trailer for a 6 episode series that Angela produced and Tom directed, filmed, edited and animated for ColdWater media and Zondervan. We filmed for about a month in Michigan and several islands of Hawaii, to capture some amazing animals!

Our 2009 Reel

This was our latest complete “Demo Reel”, as we haven’t had time to build another one since.  

Why We Fight

A Short Documentary we did in 2017 about the rebuilding of the Pentagon after 9/11