Dare2Share “Unlikely Fighter”

Promotional video we Directed and did all post production on for WestFall Gold and Dare2Share in Feb 2022

Plasman Promo

A fun promotional movie we produced for the giant car-part manufacturer, The Plasman Group

Until Death Do Us Part Trailer

We helped raise the money to do this book trailer with a successful Kickstarter campaign and produced it in Colorado Springs.

Good Lovin’ Food Co.

A fun spot we did in San Diego for Good Lovin’ Foods


The Franz Family – Talk About Suffering

Tom directed and edited about 17 songs for a DVD produced for The Franz Family. A few of these were thrown on YouTube and have added up to over a half million hits!  Be sure to check out the cool DVD animation Tom created for this project also on YouTube.  These were filmed at Nicholas DeSciose Studios in Denver, Colorado.

2013 Honda Odyssey Commercial

A fun spot Tom came up with the creative, directed, and edited for Windstar Studios. Along with 3 other Honda spots we did over a week of shooting, this aired all along the east coast and around America.

Blue Wave Taekwondo

We produced this promotional movie for Blue Wave Taekwondo. Colorado’s best martial arts training facility, located in Palmer Lake, in between Denver and Colorado Springs. 5th Degree black belt, Master Nicolas Karkabe trains students of all ages and skill levels. Shot mostly on RED Epic, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, graded in Adobe SpeedGrade.

Someone You Know

We produced this promotional video for Mercy Ministries, an organization that helps girls in need.

Mercy Ministries – Justified Through Faith

We produced this film for Mercy Ministries out of Nashville, TN. This tragic story of 2 young girls finding redemption from their broken childhoods will move you. Check out Mercy Ministries online, an amazing organization that helps these girls at no cost to them.