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It’s been a while since we’ve updated the website because we’ve been extremely busy working on a ton of projects. Check some of them out in the new reel!



Well it’s been a fun and crazy year so far, as usual. Lots of great projects completed and in the works. Tom is editing a couple Drive Thru History shows, which are airing on TBN. He also just returned home from a 3 week adventure back in Israel filming a doc with Vidano Films titled “Christ Quake” – Watch for that later in the year.  Tom also did a fun shoot last month with Vertical Media Group for the athletic training company V-Strap that went great -> 

This week is a shoot for Atlas Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, more editing and planning more great projects this summer with a couple new clients. More on that later.

Have a great spring and enjoy this weather!

Blue Wave Taekwondo

We produced a promotional movie for Master Nicolas Karkabe and his awesome dojo on the EPIC.  Be sure to check them out if you’re local. Any age. Crank the speakers and turn up the resolution!

Colorado’s best martial arts training comes from Palmer Lake, in between Denver and Colorado Springs. 5th Degree black belt, Master Nicolas Karkabe trains students of all ages and skill levels.

Had a great shoot with Vidano films recently. A couple days in Denver for a Quitline (help with quitting smoking) commercial. Watch for it on TV! I got to try out the Atlas Camera Support system on a running shot with the DJI Ronin. It supported the heavy RED Epic pretty well. Should be an awesome commercial.

We’ve been working on a series of videos to promote Double D Armory out of Denver.  The first movie is live on youtube, it shows the amazing accuracy of their custom-designed and manufactured SST AR-15 rifle. Check it out here, and be sure to set the resolution to fullscreen 4k (2160p) and crank up some good speakers or headphones:


Shot on the Red Epic, you can see shells ejecting at 300 frames per second. It was a fun, quick shoot in Larkspur, CO

18 more days in crazy land went really well. With Tom directing + filming Dave Stotts all around the Galilee region and the Old City, we narrowly avoided violence and even murders, but managed to stay protected, have a good time, and get the great footage we needed for the next 7 episodes of Drive Thru History – The Gospels from ColdWater Media.
We visited some amazing places, like the tomb of Lazarus in the West Bank. We spent about a week up near the Sea of Galilee and even went out on the sea in a fishing boat. We visited tons of places where Jesus did miracles and churches have been built to commemorate.

We’ll be back again in the Spring to film the next 6 episodes. Hopefully it stays peaceful over there.

Well, we’ve been busy as always working on many projects. Some of the highlights include Tom shooting with Contrast Creative on the DJI Ronin + RED Scarlet. A b-roll shoot in Colorado Springs for a Max Lucado project, a spot for a wedding dress designer in an amazing old castle just west of Castle Rock, CO… and a 6 day trip to Atlanta that just ended yesterday shooting for T.D. Jakes “Woman Though Art Loosed” tour. Great times and great shots. Check out some of the BTS pics. Also getting ready for yet another trip to the Holy Land very soon.

We just finished up a promotional movie for an amazing organization in Haiti. We donated our time to make this because we believe in what they are doing!  Check it out on Vimeo here.

WISH is a non-profit, inter-denominational mission.

They are governed by a thirteen-member volunteer board of directors, with full-time field directors serving on the island. The mission employs over twenty full-time Haitians and numerous part-time help through its involvement in a wide variety of community service and construction projects. These jobs provide steady income for the employees who support large extended families. A major focus of the mission has been to provide a safe and reliable source of water for the hospital and village of Anse-a-Galets, population 25,000.


We had a great 2-day shoot in Denver last week with Vidano Films and Cox Creative.  We shot all around various streets and alleys, at a coffee shop, and a nice fountain area. I also got harnessed up and strapped to the side of a bridge to lean out over the water and get some great shots of the depressed hero girl. We also rigged the Red Epic onto the Freefly movi for the first time, doing wireless follow-focus, client monitoring, and used the RedMote to control the camera’s settings. We were blessed with some awesome weather despite the 100* forecast.

The movie will be shown in high schools to illustrate abuse.

More pics to come soon.

Well, the website got hacked while Tom was in Israel, so we couldn’t keep you posted with all the fun-ness happening during that 15 day trip in June.  So here’s a recap.

6 Dudes.  Canon C300 + Movi.  And a Red Epic.

Tom travelled all around Israel shooting the next Drive Thru History series titled “The Gospels.” Great times were had by all, through some long days walking the path of Jesus. As expected, there was some hot weather, amazing sights, and great food.

They hired a drone crew to shoot Dave Stotts in his ’76 Land Rover on the edge of a cliff overlooking the dead sea. They rode a WWII motorcycle into the Judean Wilderness, and managed the media each evening – checking and backing up the dailies.  Shooting with the Movi was just amazing. It has a bit of a learning curve setting it up and learning the nuances, but it is one powerful rig, and the LOG footage from the C300 has a good dynamic range for grading in post.  The trip was an absolute success, praise God.  We’ll be back in the fall for more.